Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Wishlist #3 Topshop Makeup

Topshop makeup 1

1. Lipstick in Beguiled - I love these dark vampy shades of lipstick, as you'll know if you read my Autumn lips edit. I've seen this shade popping up on a couple of blogs recently and I'd love to try it!
2. Lipstick in Fawn - Nudes are good shades to wear all year round, they never seem to go out of season, which is why I can justify myself buying just a couple more! And I think I need to be snapping this one up sooner rather than later, seeing as it's a limited edition in the A/W Dark Side of the Nude collection.
3. Lipstick in Whimsical - Yes another lipstick! I don't do things by half measures and when I want one, I want them all! I love this sort of peachy colour for cheeks and lips, definitely my favourite colour to wear in the warmer months, and this one looks lovely!
4. Highlighter in Crescent Moon - This is a pretty new release from the Topshop makeup range, it's their second powder highlighter (the first being Sunbeam) they both look like quite similar shades, but reading reviews on a couple of blogs, this one appears to be more of a peachy tone. A peachy toned highlighter? This has obviously rocketed to the top of my wishlist!
5. Glow Highlighter - Another highlighter, highlighters are my absolute favourite type of product, I adore them because I look fresh, glowing skin. Unlike Crescent Moon, this is a cream highlighter (they're totally different, so I'm totally justified in buying myself both!) and has more of a pink tone, and the pot it comes in is so cute too!!
6. Constellation Eye Palette - I have grown to seriously love eye palettes in the past year, I used to really dislike them, but there are so many that I have seen that I want recently! This one is really pretty, I love the smoky colours and the pink together, I think you could make some really pretty looks with this!
7&8. Eye Palettes in Prism and Atmosphere - I love these two little trios, both part of the Dark Side of the Nude Collection, their pretty metallic colours are perfect for this season!

I have an ever growing Topshop wishlist, and these items are filling my top spots, some may have even found their way into my online basket recently... Well in fact all of them did, but I almost died when I saw the total, so a fair few had to be removed!

What's on your Topshop makeup wishlist?
Eleanor x

Sunday, 16 December 2012

December 2012 SheSaid Beauty Box and Glossybox

Hello! So this month I received both of my beauty box subscriptions in the same week, so I thought I'd put them both in a post together and compare the two of them to each other! I was very excited about the December beauty boxes because I was hoping for something extra special because it is Christmas after all!!


Frontcover Baked Powder Eyeshadow in Copper Oro - Oh god, this looks like a sparkly shimmery orange colour in the pan, I haven't even opened it up yet, but I don't think I'll be getting any use out of this shade. It's also a bit annoying that it isn't in a compact because once I open the plastic the shadow will be open to the elements with no protection, which isn't very handy, because it makes storage a bit of an issue.. I'm also not too thrilled that it's quite a cheap product and you can tell by looking at it.

Orico Superico Vitamin Rich Face Oil - The only product I'm excited about in this box. I'm interested in trying out a couple of different facial oils at the moment to see how my skin reacts because they're a new thing for me. I'm not blown away by the small size of this, and I'd have preferred a bigger sample if I'm honest, but all in all, it's a good product to include in the box because facial oils are quite popular at the moment.

Dr Duve Anti-Ageing + Friming Eye Cream - What a tiny, tiny sample. I've actually found bigger sample sachets between the pages of magazines, and I find it so disappointing to receive such small samples like this as a stand alone product in my beauty box which I pay £10 for every month. I just can't really see the value in what I'm spending my money on, and it's receiving things like this that make me consider cancelling my subscription. Yes it is a luxury product, which is the sort of thing I like to see in these boxes, but certainly not in such small amounts, I don't feel like I have enough to properly try the product out with the tiny sachets like this, and I prefer not to get them in my boxes.

Technic Nail Varnish in Tawny Port - Another very cheap product. I'm not being funny, but Barry M nail polishes cost more than this one does! (And if anyone read my Autumn polishes edit they'll know that I love my Barry M polishes!) The colour of this one is neither here nor there for me, I wouldn't be rushing out to buy it, and I resent that it's included in a beauty box that's meant to be made up of luxury products!

Dr Duve Skin Boosting Cream - Another TINY sample sachet. Not much more to say about this seeing as I've already said it all in the other Dr Duve product, my feelings towards this are exactly the same.. The fact that the two minuscule sachets were included as SEPARATE products only adds insult to injury in my opinion. Not. Cool.

Amie Spring Clean Cooling Clay Mask - I was a bit miffed about this product too, seeing as I received it in one of my boxes only 3 months ago in the September box. I'm not too happy that they sent out exactly the same product so close to each other, and it's quite a cheap one too, which makes me feel less forgiving towards them...

JING Whole Leaf Teabags - yep, teabags. It seems that SheSaid beauty box haven't learned from the packet of crisps fiasco of September 2012, and they are continuing to send out groceries. I'm really not impressed about being sent non-beauty items in a beauty box! I didn't sign up to be sent a box with teabags! I don't know how other people felt about getting these? The only saving grace is that this is a bonus product, but I'd still have definitely preferred a different product! SheSaid, STOP sending me food and drink in my BEAUTY box!!

On the whole, you might be able to guess that I'm not impressed in the slightest by this month's SheSaid Beauty box, the products have been non-beauty related, cheap, and the ones that have been a bit more luxurious have been very very small sizes and quite frankly a bit measly. I was really hoping for something better seeing as it's the Christmas box, the December box should have been brimming with luxurious products of a larger size to really give subscribers a treat, what a disappointment.


Rituals Magic Touch Cherry Blossom and Rice Milk Ultra Rich Whipped Body Cream - Yay!! Something from rituals!! I've been wanting to try something for a while and not knowing what to go for, so I'm excited to try this out!! And take note SheSaid: this is an acceptable sample size and more of a luxury product!

Seche Nail Lacquer in Iconic - I'm not so sure on the colour of this, I tend to like to keep my metalics quite dark and to, well, metal colours.. haha! But this is a luxury product and a really good one to include in the box, it's just a shame I'm not too much of a fan on the colour, but it is a bit Christmassy, so I'll give them that one!

Milk_Shake Conditioning Whipped Cream - Wow, this looks so cool! And it's a nice big one too! I've never heard of this brand, or a product like this for that matter! I can't wait to give this a try!

Sleek Makeup i-Divine in Au Naturale - Wow!!! Can you believe it?! A Sleek eyeshadow palette in a beauty box!! This is such a great product and definitely the absolute winner of the box for me, it's not strictly luxury, but I can let that one slide because of how hyped the sleek palettes are! In an unfortunate coincidence, I actually already have this palette! But I'm not holding that against Glossybox, I think this is a really really great product for them to include, and they picked the right palette to send out because the neautrals will suit everyone and are very unlikely to cause disappointment. This one's being passed on to my little sister, but I'm really impressed that it was in there!!

Anatomicals Strawberry Milkshake Fruity Lip Gloss Tube - This is another one that I unfortunately already have, I got it in a free goody bag at an instore event at work (we all took one home that night seeing as there were a lot left over) it's nothing special really, and lipgloss is never really a big winner with me anyway, but this is the only thing in the box that I got that I don't really like

Glossybox Blusher in Glossy Pink - Well, I think we all know how we feel about Glossybox products, we don't mind getting them, as long as they're in there as a bonus product. I initially wasn't interested in this because I haven't liked the past two Glossybox products I've been sent, but I swatched it in a moment of madness and actually really like the colour on my skin, I haven't given it a proper road test yet, but I'm definitely going to be giving it a chance!

So overall I think it's obvious that this month's Glossybox was a clear winner in my eyes! I was so disappointed with SheSaid beauty box, and really expected more in their Christmas box. I think Glossybox have done a great job this month, both of the beauty boxes that I'm subscribed to have been a little rocky since the summer in the products they've sent out, and I'll be using the next couple of months of my subscription to decide whether or not I want to remain subscribed, because it's a lot of money to spend every year if they're not turning out good boxes that I can see my money's worth in.

Which box would you prefer to get?
Eleanor x

Saturday, 8 December 2012

Have You Ever Bought Shoes on a Shoestring?

Hello! I am so sorry it's been as long as it has since I last posted, I have had a lot of revision and assignments to do in the past two weeks, so I had to take a little reign check and sort everything out before I could come back on here and enjoy myself! But after an absolute catastrophe of an exam yesterday afternoon, I only have one assignment left which is due in on Monday (and is currently sitting half finished in a minimised word document at the bottom of my screen!) so I thought I'd allow myself this post, which I have been really itching to write!

I came up with the idea a while ago now, and I've been collecting things together for it ever since.. Now, as a student, I tend to be a bit strapped for cash most of the time, and what I do have, I need to be thrifty with to make it go that extra bit further, and I try and stretch my money out as much as I can, which can be a bit tricky when it comes to buying fashion items... Recently I've been really obsessing over shoes, I like to have lots of different styles so that I know I'll have something to go with absolutely any outfit, this obviously doesn't bode well with my student lifestyle and budget, and there's no way I could ever justify spending lots of money on a pair of shoes, so without further ado, I would like to introduce you to my newest, and first series on Porcelain Eleanor: Shoes on a Shoestring!

I'm going to be sharing with you the shoe bargains that I find (only style conscious of course) so that you can buy shoes on a shoestring budget too! When I find something great, I have to share it with people so that they can get in on it too, it's a shame for people not to know about these things! I already have plenty of pairs lined up to show you, so I'm hoping it's going to be a popular thing and if it is, I'll keep up with it!

So that's what's going to be happening in the very near future on my blog! I hope you're as excited for it as I am, I'm always excited when I get ideas for new posts! If you guys find any good shoe bargains then just leave a comment and let me know about them (I'm always on the lookout for new additions to my wardrobe!)
Eleanor x

Monday, 26 November 2012

Bobbi Brown Wishlist

Bobbi Brown Wishlist
1. desert twilight eye palette 2. rich lip colour in crimson 3. caviar and oyster collection mini brush set 4. skin foundation SPF15 in porcelain 5. brightening finishing powder 6. black pearl palette 7. rich caviar palette 8. pot rouge for lips and cheeks in calypso coral.

Hello! I think I might be getting the hang of Polyvore! The reason I haven't posted a wishlist/moodboard since my French Fancies isn't because I wasn't sure how to do it properly or anything... I'm still struggling with it a little bit, but I think I know what I'm doing for the most part now! Haha! 
I absolutely love Bobbi Brown cosmetics, I just think they're such a soft, feminine, elegant brand, I'd buy it all if I could! These are the things I've particularly got my eye on at the moment, and most of them will no doubt be going on my Christmas list because I feel guilty when I buy them myself.. haha! I started off making this having a few things in mind, but as I got into it I found even more things that I wanted, so I added them in too!

1. I have been lusting after this since it came out, perfect shades for daytime, small enough to pack for travelling etc, good combination of mattes and shimmer shades, I need this in my life!!
2. This is just such a lovely shade, I love deep red-wine tones on lips, and the deeper the better, especially now the colder month's are here!
3. This was one of the things I just found as I was browsing polyvore, how cute?! I absolutely fell in love with it as soon as I saw it and now it has high priority on my mental wishlist, it looks so elegant and expensive, and perfect for travelling, want, want, WANT!!
4. Everyone has been raving about the new skin foundation, I'm a bit of a foundation hoarder and I like to have a big selection, and from the sounds of things this one will tick all my boxes, good coverage with a natural finish and long lasting, does anyone NOT want this?!
5. This is probably the item I want most, and I will be asking santa VERY nicely for this for christmas, I'm absolutely gaga for highlighters, they are my all-time favourite makeup product and this one looks absolutely beautiful, I'm amazed that I haven't already caved in and bought this!
6&7. I think these palettes are really beautiful, they're so perfect, shades natural enough for daytime wear, with a selection of more dramatic shades to take it up a level in the evening, I can't decide which I like most, so they're both up there because they're so pretty!
8. Oh god. Pot rouges. I LOVE these things, I really like multi-functional products anyway, maybe it's because I feel like I have more choice, or because I think I'm getting more for my money? But the shades to choose from in these are gorgeous, I want them all, but this is the one I want the most, I know it's not a typically autumnal/wintery shade, but I'm very loyal to my favourite peachy pinks, and this has made it into my wishlist despite the season, although I might hold off buying it until Summer when it might get a little bit more use!

So yes, they're the things I want most from Bobbi Brown (can you imagine to amount I want from all makeup brands combined if this is just from one of them?! haha!) 

What do you think of my picks? Is there anything in there that you've had your eye on too? What's in your Bobbi Brown wishlist?
Eleanor x

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Glossybox November 2012

Hello! I've got a Glossybox post today, I received my box about a week ago (maybe it was 2, I have so much work at the moment I've lost track of things!) This was supposed to be done on Friday, however I left my laptop charger at Matt's house and have only just got it back! So it is with haste that I write this post about what I got in my November Glossybox, as I realise by this point everybody has already read about Glossybox this month and it's old news HOWEVER I'm going to give my opinion on the box anyway!!

Wei Beauty Royal Ming Firming and Hydrating Cream - This is really an anti-ageing product, which I'm not too interested in, just because I'm 20 and don't really want to get into all that just yet! Is anybody else worried that if they start using a wrinkle cream and then stop using it that you will actually get wrinkles and then NEED to use the cream? Am I weird to think that? Well that's something I worry about and so as you can imagine, don't touch wrinkle creams with a barge pole! I might give this a try if any of you can talk me around from my (probably irrational) fear of anti-ageing creams in the comments! One more thing I want to say about this, I like that this is an unusual brand that they've included, I don't think I've heard of them before, but the sample size is tiny!!

Burberry Body Eau de Parfum - Do I need to repeat my feeling on perfume being included in beauty boxes? I'm not a fan of the companies doing this, to cut a long story short. I have to give a bit of extra credit here, because the sample is much bigger than the normal silly little viles, and is in a very pretty bottle. It looks (and is) very expensive, the smell is okay, nothing too offensive, but nothing worth repurchasing for me (especially with the steep price tag).

Alison Claire Natural Beauty Mango Body Butter - This looks absolutely lovely, I love the smell of mango, and I'm always willing to try out new body butters and moisturisers, this is a really good size as well, and from a company I haven't heard from. The Glossybox card says it's a new brand which is nice to see included! I think it's really nice to see how well packaged this sample is, it has a proper pump and it's in a nice little plastic tube, this is the sort of thing I like to see! And the ingredients are organic, which is another thumbs up from me!

Nails Inc Porchester Square - I actually already have this in a full size polish! I really like the colour, although I know some won't, which is the problem with sending out nail polish, because I know if I'd have been sent the bright pink Notting Hill Gate like some people I probably wouldn't have been as happy because it's not the sort of colour I like to wear on my nails. But fortunately I was sent a colour I do like, I'll probably pass this on to my sister seeing as I already own a full size bottle! And for me, I do think that this is a little small to include, I can't see you being able to get too many manicures out of this to be honest.

Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant - This is definitely the most exciting product in the box, an exfoliating rice based powder?! I have never heard of anything like it, and that excites me! The description also says that it leaves skin brighter, which is something I particularly like in a beauty product! And the fact that the card with Glossybox says that it's a models favourite, well, this excited me even more! It's a from a luxury brand and a generous size, well done Glossybox!

So all together I'd say this was probably a better box than I've had in the past, some really great products included, a good mixture of well known brands and new/undiscovered (by me anyway) ones. Also some more expensive products in there which I really like to see, because that's what I signed up for after all! And there were some good sized products in this box too, although I think some of the smaller ones should have been more generous. Is it just me or do other people not like receiving these really small samples? Even if there are big ones in the box too, I still feel like I'm not getting my monies worth, or feel a bit disappointing if one or two of the samples are very small. Maybe I'm just being greedy, but I am looking forward to the boxes to come!!

What did you think of this month's glossybox? What do you think of the size of samples?

Eleanor x

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Autumn Edit: Lip Products

Hello! So this is the last post of my Autumn Edits! There have been 2 others: nail polish and blush if you want to have a look at them just click the links!

So for Autumn I LOVE dark lip colours, I like everything dark, vampy, almost gothic but not quite so scary. I like burgundys, plums, all deep, dark rich tones, so here are the some of the ones I have in my (ever-growing) collection!

Plums: Barry M lipstick in 152, e.l.f studio lipstick in beautiful berry, revlon colourstay lipstick in plum, e.l.f studio tinted lip balm in plum, maybelline 10 hour tint gloss in timeless plum.
I absolutely love these deep, rich plum colours, I think they look so interesting on the lips, purple is just a little bit different to more classic reds, and I think they're quite daring and fashionable too. I'd wear plum lips with quite an understated outfit, probably a baggy jumper with a shirt underneath (do I see an outfit of the day coming along?)

Burgundies and Deep Reds: Bodyshop lip and cheek tint in 01, 17 mirror shine lipstick in cookie, bobbi brown lip colour in burnt red.
Burgundies are my faaaaavourite lip colour to wear in the colder months, I think they just look so beautiful and they look great on every skintone. And deep reds are just so perfect for this season, they look really rich and warm, when I think of deep red lips I think of going for a walk in the countryside in the autumn when the air's really crisp and being wrapped up in a big chunky knit scarf and wearing a tweed item of clothing (am I getting a bit carried away?)

As you can see, I have a mixture of tinted balms, stains and lipsticks, I definitely wear tinted balms the most on my lips because I just find that they are far more low maintenance, and when I'm out at uni all day I really don't have time for touch-ups. But I think it's nice to have a selection of different types of product to use and mix it up a bit!

What are your favourite lip products and colours to wear in the autumn? Do you have any of mine?
Eleanor x

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Autumn Edit: Blushes

Hello! I have returned with another post in my Autumnal makeup feature, and today I have a little selection of autumnal blushes!

 Sleek blush in Pomegranate: I LOVE this colour, it is so gorgeous, and so A/W appropriate. I don't quite feel like this is the right sort of colour to wear in the spring or summer, because it's quite deep and plummy, but I've been waiting for the Autumn to crack this one out, I think the colour just screams Autumn! I know that NARS do a similar shade to this, although I'm not sure what it's called, but why buy the expensive one when you can have the cheaper (and great quality) version!

 Sleek blush in Flushed: another lovely deep, rich, autumnal colour from sleek, this is more of a red than the last one, but it's not a bright red, more of a brick sort of colour I suppose. And this is such a lovely colour, it's just so rich! Again, I've been saving this one to wear during the colder months, so I'm excited they're finally here!!

 Sleek blush by 3 palette in Sugar: can you see the cheeky swatch I've made on the middle shade (muscovado)? I think this is an absolutely perfect trio for autumn, you've got a lovely plummy red, it looks like a mixture of the two blushes above. A shimmery burgundy, and a terracotta. All three shades are such rich, autumny colours, they just remind me of the colours of falling leaves or something, I haven't had a proper chance to try this out yet, I got it when they were first released in the summer because I knew this would be great come the autumn, so I will be reporting how this one goes!!
Jelly pong pong jelly flush: I absolutely love this one, it's more of a stain than your typical powder blush, but I love that it's different, I hardly ever some across push-up stick blushes like this! It's a really lovely soft glowy red colour, it gives you the sort of glow you'd get from a walk on a lovely crisp autumn day. I think jelly pong pong are currently in the process of rebranding to "so susan" so if you were interested in this but couldn't find jelly pong pong, just try looking for so susan instead! 

What are your favourite autumn blush picks? Do you have any of these blushes?
Eleanor x

Monday, 5 November 2012

SheSaid Beauty Box November 2012

Hello! I'm being good this month and posting my beauty box post on time!!! (can you tell I've had a reading week? haha!) So lets get straight into what I got in my SheSaid Beauty box this month!!

So...? Brit Body Spray - Okay, so, hmmm... I'm not too sure about this, I remember one of my friends using these So...? sprays when we were about 12, so I'm not sure it's quite the right sort of product for a "top brand" beauty box. The fragrance of this reminds me of being 12 as well, the weird, sort of floral scent isn't my cup of tea at all, and I don't think it's appropriate for a beauty box that people my age are subscribing to, this one isn't a winner for me...

Weleda Wild Rose Smoothing Night Cream - I've actually already received one of these samples in the May Glossybox, which is STILL sitting unloved in my wardrobe! I really need to get around to trying thise because I've actually heard quite good things about Weleda! It's more of a luxury product which I like to see, my only gripe really is the teeny tiny size of 5ml! I'll probably get 2, maybe 3 applications out of this - if I'm lucky - and it's a shame they didn't send something a bit bigger, I am paying for it afterall!

Redken Smooth Lock Shampoo and Conditioner - I have wanted to try something from Redken for so long! They are top of my haircare to-buy/try list alongside Ojon (maybe send me some of that next month SheSaid) This is the variety that "cleanses, refreshes and nourishes hair with smoothness" and it also promises  frizz-free hair and luscious shine! Wow! I can't wait to try this, it sounds amazing and just the sort of thing I've been looking for! Thanks SheSaid!! Again, only problem is the size, I get little sachet samples of shampoo like this in magazines pretty much every month (although not Redken, so brownie points for that one) so if I'm paying for the box I'd really like to get a bigger size than the ones I get free in a magazine. But I really think this was a great product for them to include.

Makebelieve Enhance Sunbeam Bronzer and Brush - When I saw that big exciting black box in the middle of my box I just though "wow!! what is that?!" A full size makebelieve product has got to be a hit, and for me, the fact that it's makeup just makes it even better! I've never tried anything from makebelieve, so I'm excited to see what the quality is like, because I know they make rather famous fake tan! My critical note: not sure a bronzer is the best product to include in a winter box, especially not one at the start of winter, and this looks a liiiiittle dark for me, but I'm going to try my hardest to make this work with an exceptionally light hand! I think it's really great that it came with a brush too. So for me, great product to send out, it's makeup, full size, a luxury brand, it comes with the added bonus of a brush, my only advice would be to send it closer to summer!!

Yardley Royal English Daisy Eau de Toilette - When I first saw this, I just thought "FOR GOD'S SAKE NOT ANOTHER PERFUME SAMPLE" If you've been reading my beauty box posts for a while you'll know that I really hate getting sent perfume samples as one of the products in my beauty boxes, I can get them for free in Selfridges, blah blah. However, I actually do quite like this Yardley one, one thing I don't like about it is that it hasn't got a spritzer (which really just adds insult to injury on the whole perfume sample front) it doesn't even have one of those sticky things attached to the top, the top just comes off and you're left with a little vile of perfume and not many ways of applying it! Nevertheless, I do like the scent!

Murrays Manicure Matchbook Nail Files - This is another product I'm not so sure about, I guess they're a good size for keeping in yout handbag for nail emergencies, but I always feel like the matchbook nail files are a little bit small for my liking and a bit fiddly to use, they're nice to have as a bonus product but I wouldn't have wanted them as one of the main ones.

So overall a bit of a mixed box! I'm pleased with mostly all of the products, I just wish some of them had been a little bigger so I can try them out properly before committing to buying them, and so that I feel as though I'm getting my money's worth! (although I think the full size makebelieve bronzer made up for that a little bit)

What do you think of this month's products? Did you get this month's SheSaid Beauty box? What was your favourite item?
Eleanor x