Sunday, 19 January 2014

Soap and Glory Scrub Comparison

Hello! So a while ago in bootsI saw an offer on soap and glory products (as there often is). It could have been 1/3 off, or 3 for 2 or something to that effect! Anyway, I couldn't decide which scrub to buy, because everyone seems to love all of them! And they all smell so good! So I put a couple in my basket... and justified it by telling myself it'd make a great comparison post on my blog... So I thought I'd better actually write it, so that I haven't lied to myself completely! I'm still pretty new to Soap and Glory (please leave product recommendations below) so for people like me, here are my thoughts on a couple of their scrubs and which I'd go for...

Flake Away:

This was the first product I ever tried from soap and glory! I bought it quite a while ago, and as you can see from the picture, I have finished it up completely (in terms of texture and how it looks, it's quite similar to the Breakfast Scrub, so see the picture of that below for reference)! I absolutely love this scrub, It's very grainy and very abrasive which I like very much, I feel like when you use a scrub you actually want it to SCRUB! This one for sure lives up to its name "flake away" as it would definitely get rid of dry skin (I don't have this much, but I imagine it would work wonders) but it doesn't leave your skin feeling dry when you get out of the shower, as contains loads of amazing ingredients like almond oil, shea butter and sea salt and is advertised as a "spa-strength" exfoliator which I think is very true. This leaves my skin nice and soft and you can really feel it working while you use it! I love the smell of this as well, it's really sweet and the only way I can describe it is as smelling of sweets haha!
I would recommend this one if you're looking for a nice tough exfoliant, and even better it comes in a large sub, or a smaller one which is perfect for travel, or if you just want to try it out before committing! Personally I wouldn't use this every day, as I think it could be a little too abrasive to use so often, but it's a great once a week scrub, or great for getting rid of all traces of fake tan, or prepping for fake tan too, because it leaves you with a completely fresh base.

Sugar Crush:

In the pot this one has a way more gloopy consistency than flake away, as flake away was far harder. Although this ones still isn't completely liquidy like a shower gel or anything, just not as hard as flake away. This one is definitely less grainy and less abrasive than flake away as well, there doesn't seem to  be as many exfoliating grains (oh god the science) packed into it, which I think makes it a better daily exfoliant. My skin actually felt quite moisturised after using this because of the almond oil, and it still felt soft and fesh, despite not having been buffed quite so hard haha! This one smells absolutely amazing as well, like sweet lime and a bit coconutty? When I smell this I always think it's what it would smell like if you were in some tropical exotic jungly location using one of those outdoor bamboo showers, well this is what it'd smell like. Fresh, fruity and sweet.
I'd recommend this one if you're looking for a milder exfoliator to be used a couple of times a week, it's not too abrasive so if you're skin's a bit more sensitive this might be a better one to go for? But I would probably say you need something a bit harsher if you're prepping for fake tan or looking to get rid of it, or if you want a really good body buff to blast dry skin, this one might not be grainy enough.

Scrub 'Em and Leave 'Em Body Buff:

I had the highest hopes for this one, because it has some great ingredients; babassu oil and jojoba seed for moisturising, and sea salt for some super exfoliating, but I found myself feeling a bit left down by this one. When you open it up it looks to have mini pink micro exfoliation beads, and chunks of sea salt, so I expected this one to be super scrubby (I really like it when scrubs are really abrasive) but it wasn't at all. I felt like it barely exfoliated my skin and actually left a bit of a residue on it which made shaving afterwards a bit difficult. The smell of this one is quite nice, but definitely not as amazing as the others. It's sweet but mild, and a smell that I think would be quite nice in hair products actually haha! I can't describe the scent though, it's a tricky one! Nice but not overpowering, so maybe good for people who find the scents of the others too overpowering.
I probably wouldn't recommend this one as all to be honest, as I don't think it works as a scrub and leaves a bit of an annoying film over the skin, so I probably won't be finishing mine off and just throwing it away. The good news is that this also comes in a travel size which is the one I got to try, so I'm not wasting too much money!

The Breakfast Scrub:

Back onto the positive! Another scrub that I really like! This one is like a stage in between Flake Away and Sugar Crush, it's more packed with grains that Sugar Crush, but not quite as grainy as Flake Away, so this one's like a "medium" exfoliator between the two. Again packed with great ingredients, shea butter, oat, banana, almond, honey, and "cupuacu bio scrubs" which sound very fancy! I don't know what they are, but they definitely work! I think this one has a nice moderate amount of scrub, it's not too harsh, but it definitely still gets the job done! Again, my skin is nice and soft after using this and doesn't feel stripped or over scrubbed. The smell of this is so cool, it literally smells like a bottle of maple syrup, it's so authentic! It's absolutely gorgeous, and quite a break away from the more sugary fruity smells of the other scrubs. And it doesn't leave any weird residues (scrub 'em and leave 'em is the only one that does in my experience).
I would recommend this for people wanting something to use probably around twice a week, something that's pretty abrasive but not too harsh, and just keeps their skin feeling soft and smooth.

So there's my run down! I will definitely be repurchasing Flake Away, and Sugar Crush and the Breakfast Scrub when I run out of them! You probably don't need to own all 3, but I'm a bit out of control and really like all 3 of them, so why not?!

Have you tried any of these? Which would you buy?
Eleanor x