Friday, 18 July 2014

Shoes on a Shoestring #5 Sandals for Toe-a-phobes

Hello! It's been a while! My third year of uni has come to an end, my dissertation is handed in, and my exams are over! This year has been a complete whirlwind, hence my absence! But here I am again! I've missed blogging a lot!
I've been doing some shopping... and I've found myself buying a lot more shoes than I used to! And I've noticed a slight trend in some of my purchases.. I may have gone a bit sandals mad!

So this blog post is actually inspired by my sister, who is a massive toe-a-phobe. She hates feet and she'd never ever wear shoes that exposed her toes. Peep toes are OUT. I myself am not particularly phased by the odd toe, but in the summer my sister is faced with a real problem. Feet and heat. Shoes can't be too closed up because it's uncomfortable when the weather gets warmer, but open toe sandals are just not an option. This inspired me to go on the hunt for some solutions, and I think I may have found them! (Even if you're not a toe-a-phobe they're pretty nice shoes..)

So the chunky platform sandals are suuuper cool, these have got to be my favourites out of all my picks. I got mine in black and white, but they are also available in various holographic colours (I have my eye on the silver ones... is three pairs of the same shoe okay? Too far?) from ebay. These are actually a really sturdy shoe, considering they come in at just under £20, they're really comfortable, and give a shorty like me a great little boost in height with the chunky sole/platform. I think these look amazing on and they compliment so many different outfits, skirts, shorts, jeans etc! They're nice and airy for the summer months so feet aren't going to overheat, but they're not so open to make your feet cold on cooler days.. A great pair of shoes for spring, summer, and even warmer autumn days, they're so versatile!

Next up I'm bundling all of the flat ankle strap sandals in together. They're all really cute, I love that they're woven to allow for some extra air to the feet and it adds interest to them as well! Again, so versatile, they all look great with shorts, trousers, mini/midi/maxi skirts, everything! And they just look so summery! I love the femininity of the ever so popular ankle strap as well! These sandals are such a great price, and they look great too!

Finally, there's the double ankle strap shoe. This is more of a shoe than a sandal, but the sides are more open than you find on a typical ballet flat, which I feel makes them more comfortable to wear in the summer, as they're not so closed around your feet. I love the pointed toe on these paired with the double ankle strap, they're just so feminine and I think would compliment a pair of mom/boyfriend jeans perfectly.

So those are my sandal buys of the summer! I'm letting myself off for being excessive with how many i bought because 1) I'm doing a blog post about them, and 2) they were so damn cheap!! I may well have a few more shoes on a shoestring posts lined up over the next week.. I'll try and infiltrate them with a few other different things as well to avoid monotony! But who can get bored of bargain shoes really?

Which are your favourites?
Eleanor x