My Makeup Mantra

Hello! I've set up this little extra page for those of you who are interested to know about my makeup preferences, because obviously this will affect the products I like and my reviews and things!
So here's the sort of things I like/look for in makeup:

Base - The look I tend to go for is very luminous, glowing skin, so I like my foundation to enhance this sort of quality (skincare can only do so much!!) and obviously I love highlighters! I do like my concealer to be extremely full coverage as well, because I have very bad, dark eye bags that unfortunately are hereditary so I can't get rid of them.

Cheeks - As I've already said, I love glowy makeup, so I like this to come through in my cheeks too, I love highlighters and I have a lot, a lot, a LOT of them! I also love blush, I find that peach colours enhance 'the glow' the best, but I like pretty much any colour, and I like switching up colours according to the seasons! I don't tend to wear a great deal of bronzer, simply because I'm so incredibly pale, which means that most bronzers tend to just look either orange or dirty on my skin.

Eyes - Firstly, with mascaras, I always go for volumising, my lashes are naturally fairly long, so lengthening mascaras tend to make them look quite strange. I like neutral coloured eyeshadows, and I don't think there's much more to say!

Lips - My favourite colours for lips are natural pinks, peachy pinks, peaches, oranges, deep plums and burgundies.

Dislikes - The only things I'm not too keen on with makeup is hot pink colours, I don't really like hot pink or barbie pink blush or lipstick. I'm not a great fan of brightly coloured eyeshadows really either, I think peacock shades like bright blues and turquoises look beautiful in the pan, but they look terrible on my face because of my pale skin and blue eyes!

So those are all the sorts of things I look for in makeup! I am a great believer that makeup can only go so far and try my best to help it out with my skincare and diet, but I do like my makeup to work pretty hard too, seeing as I don't have time to keep touching up during the day, my makeup has to be long lasting!