Sunday, 24 March 2013

Empties #2 Skincare

Hello! So I've been hoarding up empties for quite some time now, so that I have enough to warrant me doing a post on them!

So first of all is facewipes, I used to always keep a pack in my skincare stash just in case I needed them, because I don't really like to use them for taking my makeup off regularly because they're not the best for your skin, but I've banned myself from buying them now, because it turned into me being really lazy and just using them every night, so this way I'm forced to take my makeup off properly! haha! Basically I hated the Vitamin E ones, they really irritated my eyes, the avocado ones were alright, and the botanics ones were the best, and these are the ones I'd go to repurchase if I was allowed, I actually like these better than the simple wipes, and there's usually an offer on them in boots!

I then got this bottle of micellaire water, because everyone's been hyping up Bioderma, but I'm not prepared to pay the hefty UK price tag for it, so I bought this alternative from UNE. This was okay, but I would repurchase it. It wasn't horrible, but it just didn't wow me like other people have been wowwed by this sort of product, maybe that effect is exclusive to Bioderma, so hopefully I'll be making a trip to France sooner rather than later...
I also finished up this Botanics 100% Organic Rosewater Toning Spritz. I really liked this, and bought one to keep at Matt's as well! The only problem I had with this was when it was coming into the Winter months I did find this to dry my skin out quite a bit, so I haven't repurchased it just yet, but I definitely will be doing in the summer! I really liked being able to just quickly spritz this over my face, it's so easy!

And finally, I finished up my Vaseline Healthy Hand and Nail Conditioning Hand Lotion, I really like this hand lotion, I've repurchased it a few times, and it was actually the first hand cream that I ever tried, back when I was 14! I won't be repurchasing this again at the moment, because I have a very healthy stock of hand creams waiting to be used up, but I would get it again in the future!

What have you been using up recently? If you've tried any of these things, what did you think of them?
Eleanor x


  1. I got into the horrible habit of using face wipes twice a day and never moisturising either - eek! I have however now been entirely converted to Khiels. It's pretty expensive but it's completely turned my skin around, definitely worth a try if you're after something new! x

  2. I really like the Boots skincare range, my mum uses it so I'll pinch it when I'm at home. It's so gentle on my skin! x

    The Beauty Drawer

  3. I really like botanics :) I bought some baby wipes the other week and I had to hide them because I was using them every night to remove my make up eeeek. I'm so lazy!!x

  4. ohhhh I want to try the hand cream, but like you I have waaaay too much, I don't need them! I have a hard time applying them through out the day as well :p xx