Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Monthly Favourites: July 2012

Hello! OH MY GOD IT'S AUGUST!!! Half the summer has gone. Where has it gone?! I don't know... *sob*

Anyway! On with my favourite things of July!

So firstly, I have Olympic fever. There, I said it. The Olympics has to be my biggest favourite this morning, I've been loving it! I have barely watched anything else that's been on the t.v, there's always something I want to watch on! I've been particularly enjoying the women's artistic gymnastics, the synchronised diving (especially the mens, mmmmm...) the swimming, the equestrian, the canoe slalem, the fencing, it's great! I'm actually watching the equestrian team showjumping at the moment, me and my sister have been glued to the equestrian coverage for days as we're quite the horsewomen haha! So yes, the London 2012 Olympic games have been one of my favourite things this month!
My next favourite for this month has been magazine freebies! There's not a whole lot to say on this because I have already written a post about it here, but I have loved how many magazines have had great freebies this month! Another favourite that I've already written a post about here, is this month's Glossybox. I hadn't been too happy with what Glossybox have been sending me in their boxes recently, but I was quite happy with what I was sent this month, and I have seen that other people got great products like the Nuxe dry oil, and the Paul Mitchell awapuhi moisture mist. I think Glossybox included  great selection of products this month in their various boxes and I'd have been happy to receive any of them!

So for my more beauty related favourites, this month I have continued to love my Figs&Rouge Pomegranate Balm, I've been applying it almost every day, I have also been wearing my VIVO baked blush in the shade peaches and cream every day and I LOVE it!! I have already written a post all about how much I love it here that includes some close up swatches etc. I've been using my E.L.F studio blush brush every day as well to apply my VIVO blush and it does a really nice job! I've also been using my Garnier BB cream almost every day in July too because I haven't felt like wearing too much on my face because it's been a bit humid here in the UK!

So that's what I've been loving in July! I've got a couple of ideas in the pipeline for a series or two, so hopefully they'll be popping up here and there in the near future, and I'm currently on a spending ban because I have way too much stuff and not a great deal of money, so, it makes sense to stop buying more stuff... haha! So some shopping the stash type posts might be appearing too, and reviews and all sorts of things basically!
Eleanor x


  1. very nice products! i like them too <3


  2. i think i need to try a BB cream!!

    1. yes I would recommend them! the garnier one is really more of a tinted moisturiser (coverage-wise) because I think BB creams tend to have more coverage than tinted moisturiser, but they're great if you can't be bothered with foundation or in warm weather :)
      Eleanor x