Sunday, 16 December 2012

December 2012 SheSaid Beauty Box and Glossybox

Hello! So this month I received both of my beauty box subscriptions in the same week, so I thought I'd put them both in a post together and compare the two of them to each other! I was very excited about the December beauty boxes because I was hoping for something extra special because it is Christmas after all!!


Frontcover Baked Powder Eyeshadow in Copper Oro - Oh god, this looks like a sparkly shimmery orange colour in the pan, I haven't even opened it up yet, but I don't think I'll be getting any use out of this shade. It's also a bit annoying that it isn't in a compact because once I open the plastic the shadow will be open to the elements with no protection, which isn't very handy, because it makes storage a bit of an issue.. I'm also not too thrilled that it's quite a cheap product and you can tell by looking at it.

Orico Superico Vitamin Rich Face Oil - The only product I'm excited about in this box. I'm interested in trying out a couple of different facial oils at the moment to see how my skin reacts because they're a new thing for me. I'm not blown away by the small size of this, and I'd have preferred a bigger sample if I'm honest, but all in all, it's a good product to include in the box because facial oils are quite popular at the moment.

Dr Duve Anti-Ageing + Friming Eye Cream - What a tiny, tiny sample. I've actually found bigger sample sachets between the pages of magazines, and I find it so disappointing to receive such small samples like this as a stand alone product in my beauty box which I pay £10 for every month. I just can't really see the value in what I'm spending my money on, and it's receiving things like this that make me consider cancelling my subscription. Yes it is a luxury product, which is the sort of thing I like to see in these boxes, but certainly not in such small amounts, I don't feel like I have enough to properly try the product out with the tiny sachets like this, and I prefer not to get them in my boxes.

Technic Nail Varnish in Tawny Port - Another very cheap product. I'm not being funny, but Barry M nail polishes cost more than this one does! (And if anyone read my Autumn polishes edit they'll know that I love my Barry M polishes!) The colour of this one is neither here nor there for me, I wouldn't be rushing out to buy it, and I resent that it's included in a beauty box that's meant to be made up of luxury products!

Dr Duve Skin Boosting Cream - Another TINY sample sachet. Not much more to say about this seeing as I've already said it all in the other Dr Duve product, my feelings towards this are exactly the same.. The fact that the two minuscule sachets were included as SEPARATE products only adds insult to injury in my opinion. Not. Cool.

Amie Spring Clean Cooling Clay Mask - I was a bit miffed about this product too, seeing as I received it in one of my boxes only 3 months ago in the September box. I'm not too happy that they sent out exactly the same product so close to each other, and it's quite a cheap one too, which makes me feel less forgiving towards them...

JING Whole Leaf Teabags - yep, teabags. It seems that SheSaid beauty box haven't learned from the packet of crisps fiasco of September 2012, and they are continuing to send out groceries. I'm really not impressed about being sent non-beauty items in a beauty box! I didn't sign up to be sent a box with teabags! I don't know how other people felt about getting these? The only saving grace is that this is a bonus product, but I'd still have definitely preferred a different product! SheSaid, STOP sending me food and drink in my BEAUTY box!!

On the whole, you might be able to guess that I'm not impressed in the slightest by this month's SheSaid Beauty box, the products have been non-beauty related, cheap, and the ones that have been a bit more luxurious have been very very small sizes and quite frankly a bit measly. I was really hoping for something better seeing as it's the Christmas box, the December box should have been brimming with luxurious products of a larger size to really give subscribers a treat, what a disappointment.


Rituals Magic Touch Cherry Blossom and Rice Milk Ultra Rich Whipped Body Cream - Yay!! Something from rituals!! I've been wanting to try something for a while and not knowing what to go for, so I'm excited to try this out!! And take note SheSaid: this is an acceptable sample size and more of a luxury product!

Seche Nail Lacquer in Iconic - I'm not so sure on the colour of this, I tend to like to keep my metalics quite dark and to, well, metal colours.. haha! But this is a luxury product and a really good one to include in the box, it's just a shame I'm not too much of a fan on the colour, but it is a bit Christmassy, so I'll give them that one!

Milk_Shake Conditioning Whipped Cream - Wow, this looks so cool! And it's a nice big one too! I've never heard of this brand, or a product like this for that matter! I can't wait to give this a try!

Sleek Makeup i-Divine in Au Naturale - Wow!!! Can you believe it?! A Sleek eyeshadow palette in a beauty box!! This is such a great product and definitely the absolute winner of the box for me, it's not strictly luxury, but I can let that one slide because of how hyped the sleek palettes are! In an unfortunate coincidence, I actually already have this palette! But I'm not holding that against Glossybox, I think this is a really really great product for them to include, and they picked the right palette to send out because the neautrals will suit everyone and are very unlikely to cause disappointment. This one's being passed on to my little sister, but I'm really impressed that it was in there!!

Anatomicals Strawberry Milkshake Fruity Lip Gloss Tube - This is another one that I unfortunately already have, I got it in a free goody bag at an instore event at work (we all took one home that night seeing as there were a lot left over) it's nothing special really, and lipgloss is never really a big winner with me anyway, but this is the only thing in the box that I got that I don't really like

Glossybox Blusher in Glossy Pink - Well, I think we all know how we feel about Glossybox products, we don't mind getting them, as long as they're in there as a bonus product. I initially wasn't interested in this because I haven't liked the past two Glossybox products I've been sent, but I swatched it in a moment of madness and actually really like the colour on my skin, I haven't given it a proper road test yet, but I'm definitely going to be giving it a chance!

So overall I think it's obvious that this month's Glossybox was a clear winner in my eyes! I was so disappointed with SheSaid beauty box, and really expected more in their Christmas box. I think Glossybox have done a great job this month, both of the beauty boxes that I'm subscribed to have been a little rocky since the summer in the products they've sent out, and I'll be using the next couple of months of my subscription to decide whether or not I want to remain subscribed, because it's a lot of money to spend every year if they're not turning out good boxes that I can see my money's worth in.

Which box would you prefer to get?
Eleanor x


  1. I like the glossybox too, its worth every penny spent

    1. Yeah, I was very pleased with it this month!
      Eleanor x

  2. I really want the Milk Shake hair product, that's what my hairdresser uses on me and it smells delicious. I really want to sign up to a beauty box so much this year, but it's hard to decide whether it's worth it if you don't get products that you want that much. x

    1. Yeah, that's one of the problems I guess.. I mean, I'd probably recommend it if you're interested in discovering new products and things, but if you're not then I wouldn't. You could always just read blogposts like this with what all the beauty boxes contain each month and you'll discover new brands and products without having to pay for a box of things you might not want! haha :)
      Eleanor x