Thursday, 14 February 2013

Empties #1 Hair

Hello! So I've never done an empties post before, mainly because I've been waiting to save up enough to do a post on it, but also because I seem to get through all of my products very very slowly haha! Anyway, here are the things that I've used up!

Aussie Luscious Long Shampoo and Conditioner
I always but Aussie shampoo when it's on 3for2 in boots and get 2 shampoos with one conditioner because I get through my shampoo twice as fast as my conditioner, I do quite like this one, it smells nice (I feel like it's almost a bit of a bubblegummy smell? Not too sweet at all though, I think it's the eucalyptus..) and helps keep my hair shiny and works well enough for keeping my long hair healthy, which is a tough job! However I have been using another Aussie shampoo recently that I really like... watch this space...
Body Shop Rainforest Moisture Shampoo for Dry Hair
This was actually a sample I got for free with one of my bodyshop online orders a while ago, I really liked that they let you choose which shampoo you wanted a sample of too! This smelled so nice, and Matt even commented on liking the smell!! It is like a mix of coconut and banana, very tropical and lovely! The shampoo is nice enough, but again, nothing to get too excited about, and I did find that it didn't lather too well, I think this might be because it's silicone, sulphate and paraben free. That is something that I prefer in shampoos, because it mean there aren't any chemical nasties in there, but for me, it should still lather well, otherwise I have to use way more than usual!
Naked Smooth Marshmallow & Aloe Silky Shampoo
This was another shampoo without sulphates or parabens, and as far as I can see no silicones (but I'm not an expert) I really liked the unusual ingredients in this, like the marshmallow! I was hoping it would smell like marshmallow because I thought that's be pretty unique! It didn't, BUT it smelled like mandarin oranges, it was absolutely gorgeous! I'm still using the jojoba conditioner that goes with this, it's lasting forever! I did like both of these, nothing amazing, but not really any complaints either!

So those are the haircare products I've finished up! I probably get through these the quickest because I use them so often, and so much of them. I find it so hard to use up makeup, probably because I'm always flitting between different products! I do think they take longer in general to use though, I suppose that's a good thing money-wise!

What have you been using up recently?
Eleanor x


  1. I wish I was this good at using products up! I haven't tried Aussie products for years, might give them another go x

    1. Yes they're really good, I really like them :) I'd definitely recommend their three minute miracle for a conditioning treatment!
      And shampoo is the one thing that I do finish up, because I use it so often, I never seem to finish anything else though!
      Eleanor x