Friday, 15 February 2013

Shop Dixi Jewellery Haul

Hello!! So, absolutely ages ago, I saw a haul done by ilestbecca on youtube (please come back soon!!) and she had loads of things from this website called shop Dixi, I loved everything she had and went and liked them on facebook, they're always updating on my feed with new products and offers, so seeing some of these offers I decided to make an order the other week, Here's what I got!

 Maya stone cross necklace in 05 £2 (sale)

 set of 2 textured band above knuckle rings £3
 individual Mimi stacking ring in silver colour 50p (sale)

 set of 2 Dejana simple band above knuckle rings (silver colour) £3
 set of 2 hammered stacking rings in gold colour £5

 set of 2 wishbone and plain above knuckle rings (gold colour) £10

I went a little bit crazy on the above the knuckle rings, but they're not something you tend to come across on the highstreet, and I thought their prices were really quite reasonable! I'm also just a bit of a ring maniac/hoarder in general, so I don't tend to be able to stop myself! If anyone is interested in my ashamedly large ring collection then let me know and I'll see what I can do!

I'd definitely recommend having a look on the Dixi site, they're a really cool indie/hipster sort of brand, and definitely check out their facebook for some of their offers, it might well convince you to put in an order too!
What is your favourite thing that I got? Have you ever got anything from Dixi?
Eleanor x


  1. gorgeous pieces!

  2. gorgeous..i need to check out this website!xx

    1. I'd definitely recommend it, they have a great range of rings and above knuckle rings and they're not expensive at all! :)
      Eleanor x