Saturday, 8 June 2013

Tumblr Shorts

Hola! I've been seriously loving the nice weather we've been having this week! Hopefully the UK will manage to keep this up for more than a few days and we'll get a whole summer like this! Yeah, I'm not holding my breath either, but I'm not giving up hope! Something I always do, and please tell me that some others of you do this too, is get serious envy over the girls in those pictures that I love so much on tumblr, they're tanned, they're skinny, by the looks of things they're having a great time, the sun is shining, they have amazing beachy hair and are ridiculously pretty, and they ALWAYS have the best shorts on! These my friends, are what I call tumblr shorts. I love tumblr shorts, and I have wanted some since I first started reblogging a few years ago. Here are some examples:

So I can't help you with all of the above (possibly the beachy hair though in a coming post) but something I HAVE been doing, is searching for some tumblr shorts. And I actually have some findings that I'm rather pleased with and thought I'd share with you! Because you don't have to spend £50 on a pair of overpriced vintage Levis cut-offs!

topshop moto high waisted 50s denim hotpants £28 eve heavy distress bleach wash denim hotpants £20 lowri high rise acid wash turn up shorts £20

 new look aztec pattern bleach shorts £22.99 lola high rise distress denim hotpants £18
 toshop motoacid wash denim hotpants £30 lois light distress wash frayed edge hotpant £15 blair stonewash high waisted ripped denim shorts £18 lacey crochet studded pocket hotpants £18
forever21 acid wash distress high waisted shorts £18.75

I'm telling you, this seems to be a good year for buying shorts! What do you think? And they're all so reasonable! So my wardrobe is in the middle of a location crisis, as apparently I seem to think I live in Australia with all of these denim cut-offs, I can totally wear them all with tights if the temperature doesn't stay up though, right...? I was thinking of doing a 'how I wear' post with these, so keep an eye out for that. I also want to put it out there that I think have totally knocked the denim cut-offs out of the park, and at pretty great prices! I would say to size up (maybe order your size, the size up, and one up from that, with free postage over £35 usually, and free returns, there's no reason not to!) as I found the sizes to run a little small, I'm usually a 6/25W and had a panic when I couldn't fit any of the 6s over the tops of my legs, but it made me feel a little better that my teeny size 4 skinny ass sister couldn't either haha!! 

There's just about a denim wash in there for everybody, so let me know which are your favourites! Have you found a good pair of tumblr shorts I should know about?

Eleanor x


  1. All of these shorts are so cute!! And totally wear them with tights if it cools off, I think the shorts with tights look is so chic! Great post!!

    Katie's Beautique My Blog on Bloglovin

  2. Skinny leg envy with the inspiration pics - love the newlook aztec shorts :)

  3. i defo need to get me some new shorts

  4. I love the new look shorts, the aztec detailing on them really makes them interesting :) (and I have a new found love for aztec after buying my asos aztec print dress)! I always get envious looking at all the girls on tumblr, they all look great! xx

    Almost Delightful