Sunday, 28 July 2013

Summer Bargain Hunting

Hello! Yes everybody, give me a clap for finally sitting down and writing some content! Haha! Apart from doing that, I have also been shopping. All in the name of bringing you this post of course! It's sale season again, which makes me very happy! But does anyone else HATE trawling through the topshop sale? I always enter with such highs hopes of finding some absolute gems for next to nothing, but I always get disillusioned when I see the state and size of the sale area, a huge row of racks crammed full with garments stuffed on in no order at all, and all the aisles of full of frantic women. No thanks. Haha! But I have managed to pick up some things, some are sale finds, and some are just bargains even at full price!

Paisley pattern dungarees £42 £20 topshop

Tile print pants £12 Primark

Studded satchel £9 Primark

Laser cut handbag £12 Primark

Tie dye and neon bikini top and bottoms £4.99 each h&m

Patterned 60s shirt £45 £22.50 urban outfitters

stud shoulder jumper £25 £17

Eyeshadow trios in atmosphere and prism £16 £7 topshop

Blush stick £10 £7 topshop

So I had actually seen Barbara from thepersianbabe with a blazer in the same pattern as these dungarees and absolutely fallen in love, but it was quite expensive and then I found these in the sale, they're just different and I love the pattern on them, I'm mad for anything paisley! And the eyeshadow trios I have wanted for seriously so long, it must be nearly a year ago now that the dark side of the nude collection came out, but I just really couldn't justify £16 each for the trios, I did come close to buying them on a number of occasions but backed out and oh man am I glad that I did now! Atmosphere was a little harder to get hold of, it's not available online anymore, but I managed to find it in the manchester arndale store on the top floor near the tills, little heads up for anyone in the area ;).
The rest were just sort of see-it-want-it finds really but I could not be happier to have found this shirt, it really is so gorgeous in real life! I'm not sure it's summer appropriate, but I have absolutely no problem buying now and waiting a few more months before cracking it out! It's absolutely prefect for autumn, and that collar is going to look great peeking out from under some jumpers!

So that's what I've been buying! Have you picked up any bargains recently?
Eleanor x


  1. Love it all :) I would love to see a review of the blush stick

  2. The dungarees are gorgeous and so is the bikini!

    Kylie @