Monday, 18 August 2014

Shoes on a Shoestring #7 Holographic Flatforms

I won't oversize the foot photo... it's just for a nail varnish demonstration!

Another Shoes on a Shoestring post, I love doing these because I love buying shoes! So I've been craving a pair of holographic shoes because I've been feeling super 90's recently, I have seen various pairs of chunky sandals in a holographic variety on ebay at pretty reasonable prices, but I wasn't sure what to go for so I held off ordering any. Then Primark came to my rescue with these ABSOLUTE BEAUTS at only £12!!! Who can believe it? The fact that they're flatforms adds to their holographic 90's allure, and they've got one of my favourite shoe details thrown in there as well (the ankle strappy). Too perf.
I'm also totally loving amping up the 90's a bit further, combining these with a black glittery pedi (DIY ofc) I've used Barry M polish in gold mine glitter here, but something like Topshop's gypsy night would work perfectly too.
Definitely a love hate kinda shoe.. I think we all know which side of that I fall on!

What do you think of these? Have you found any great bargains recently?
Eleanor x

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