Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Graze Box!

Hello! I am here with something completely new; The graze box! I have seen these advertised for a while now in magazines on the inserts that come inside, and to be honest I thought they looked disgusting, the pictures don't do them any justice at all, and I just threw them away without a second thought, until.... 2 weeks ago I saw a blog post talking about a graze box, out of curiosity I read on, mainly because in the pictures at the top of the post the snacks that came in the box looked delicious!

Anyway I was enticed with a free box to try out and signed up, and this is the box I was sent!

I can say, after eating them all that they were all delicious! They're in such convenient box sizes too, perfect for popping a few into your bag to keep you going through the day, I've been taking mine to uni with me! I am raving about these to absolutely everyone, so obviously I couldn't not write a post on it!
It's a really great system they have going, you choose the day it's best for your box to be delivered, and you can choose whether you want only super duper healthy snacks that are low in calories (all of them are pretty low though to be honest). They do over 100 different snacks and you can have a look through them all and click on any of them that you know you won't like and they'll never send those to you, so you can avoid nasty, unwanted surprises! And then when you get your box you can rate the snacks you receive and you'll get some more than others in future boxes based on your ratings!

You also get one of these in every box, they tell you all about the nutritional values of all the things you've been sent, which I think is a really nice touch!

And finally, a treat for everyone!

Graze were kind enough to send me this coupon code which can be used by an unlimited amount of people, so I urge you all go go out and try it for free! I did and I absolutely love it! With this coupon you will receive your first graze box for free, and you can choose to unsubscribe after that and they will never charge you a penny! Or if you choose to stay subscribed, you'll also automatically get your 5th box for free too! You do have to enter your card details to order the box, which put me off a little bit, but I can promise that they don't take any money and they don't even charge postage for any of their boxes, there is no commitment so if you choose to unsubscribe they won't charge you anything!
Honestly, how can you go wrong? You get nice food delivered to your house for free, and you don't have to feel guilty about eating it because it's healthy! Definitely worth checking out, so go do it now!!! It's really easy, just go on the graze website and enter my code for your free box!
If you really like your box and want to continue receiving them, they're just £3.98 and you get 4 snacks in each box, so I don't think they're too expensive at all! And they don't charge postage which \I think is really nice!

Have you tried graze box? What do you think of them? If you use my code let me know in the comments and tell me what you were sent!
Eleanor x

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