Friday, 12 October 2012

SheSaid Beauty Box October 2012

Hello! I'm back with another shesaid beauty box post today, so I'm just going to get straight into it!

Cellnique Advanced Bio Renewal Masque - I think this is the product in thins month's box that I'm most excited about, it's a "scrub masque" with fruit enzymes and acids, which just makes me think of the Alpha-H liquid gold chemical exfoliant. This is not the exact same sort of product I don't think, but it deeply cleanses for fresher and healthier skin, which I like the sound of! I do think that this sample is quite small, again, this is one of my pet peeves with beauty boxes, when they send you samples the same size that you could get for free at a beauty counter in a department store. Nonetheless, it IS a luxury product and is quite expensive ($51 for 50ml) and it's a brand and product I've never heard before, so I suppose it's good in those respects.

B.liv Off With Those Heads - Oooh interesting! This product is designed to easily remove blackheads, I don't like blackheads at all, and whenever I see one, I'm all over it, I have to squeeze, I can't help myself! This might actually be a better method of dealing with them, as I don't think squeezing them is very good for your face! haha! I do think the size of this is a bit measly, it's absolutely tiny! Granted it's a more expensive product, but come on! Hopefully I'll have enough to give this a proper test drive and be able to form an opinion!

Herbacin Wuta Kamille Hand Cream - This has come at the right time, I'm in the market for a new hand cream at the moment, after trying the Balance Me one and not being swept off my feet, so hopefully this will be what I'm looking for! I do have slight reservations, and that's only because of the packaging, the tin reminds me on the Nivea creme little blue tins (it's exactly the same other than the aesthetic design) and I really don't like the Nivea creme, so I don't have really high hopes for this, but I shouldn't judge a product by it's packaging (I have to say I do like the tin and the packaging and design, just not the product it reminds me of!) and I will give this a fair try, it's quite cheap, which would make it even better if it was a winner and I want to repurchase!

Biao Beauty Rejuvenating Night Creme - "reveal a youthful and more luminous skin tone" I am well and truly on board. I can't wait to try this out, I'm all about the luminising! A luxury product, an unknown brand and product, this ticks all the boxes, except again, it really is quite a small size product which I'm disappointed about because I would really like to give this a thorough testing!

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Lotion - I'd be really happy to see this if I didn't already have one! I also thought that it was a little stingy for them to include a travel size, considering how cheap the full size product is anyway! But I have to say, I do really like this product, so I'm actually glad to have a travel size I suppose! Like I said, a little bit of a cheap brand to include, and it's quite a well known brand and product as well, whereas I like my beauty boxes to help me discover new things that I like.

Myvitamins Pure Green Tea Extracts - I actually thought these were quite an interesting thing to include, I wish I had got a different variety, only because I'm allergic to caffine and so I can't try these at all! But my sister was more than glad to take them off my hands and she's going to give them a try. They're an interesting product to try out, and not something I think you'd normally think of trying, so it's nice to be given them as a bonus product!

So overall this month I think SheSaid included some really great products in the boxes, lots of brands and products I haven't heard of before, and higher end luxury products. The only thing I have been disappointed with this month is the size of the products that I was sent, when so many of the products in my box are such small sample sizes it's hard to see that the box has a collective value of the money you paid for it. I mean, the box looks a little empty doesn't it? 2 sample sachets, a tiddly little tube and a teeny tub should not, in my opinion, contribute as 3 of the products I pay for in my beauty box. So that's my only critique really, I want more of the products I'm sent next time! Maybe that's just the greedy hoarder in me? But I do like to see that I'm getting value for my money with these things, otherwise what's the point in staying subscribed?

What do you think of the products I got? Do you think beauty boxes should give bigger sized products?
Eleanor x

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