Sunday, 20 May 2012

First Chat about Skincare and Oriflame Haul

Hello! So recently I've been very busy and quite stressed out with revision, uni exams and coursework deadlines, and I haven't had a whole lot of time to focus on looking after my skin, which has taken it's toll and I have had several breakouts and problem areas. I'm a great believer that makeup shouldn't be used to just cover a multitude of sins, and the better condition of your skin, the better your makeup will look! So I'm going to start at the beginning and cement a skincare routine that helps my skin look the best it can, and then my makeup won't have to work so hard!

I have combination skin, with normal cheeks and a slightly oilier (not very much though) nose and forehead, I've been having a couple of breakouts on my forehead and chin but I've never suffered with acne. The look I tend to gravitate towards tends to be dewy and radiant rather than matte, because that's what I think suits me better! So I'm looking for my skincare to be radiance boosting and to give my skin a natural glow.

This being said I went on a little spending spree and bought some products from Oriflame, a Swedish skincare brand that's really affordable and my mum has used their moisturisers since she was 16, 32 years later and her skin is great and still without a wrinkle in sight! So I put my trust in Oriflame and I certainly have high hopes for the products that I bought.

So here's a few of the things that I got...

Products L-R:
Oriflame Optimals Skin Energy Day Cream SPF15 - this cream contains vitamin C to prevent dryness, even skintone and encourage the skin's natural glow, minerals that boost the production of skin cells to keep skin looking healthy, light reflecting particles to give the skin a radiant glow, and SPF 15 for UV protection.
Oriflame Optimals Skin Energy Night Cream - with the same ingredients as the Skin Energy Day Cream (apart from the SPF) the night cream claims to nurture your skin through the night so that you wake up to refreshed skin!
Oriflame Optimals Matte Touch Day Gel-Cream - this "gel-cream" contains silver birch extracts (I've never heard of this ingredient in skincare before, so that should be interesting to try!) and claims to control shiny areas whilst moisturising dry areas and maintaining a matte look on the skin all day.
Oriflame Optimals Oxygen Boost Cream - containing vitamin E, brown algae and aqua-boost complex, this cream claims to detoxify skin and banish the effects of pollution from the skin (useful to city-dwellers like myself!)

So those are the moisturisers that I bought from Oriflame! All are 50ml and around the £11 mark, which is slightly more expensive than drugstore brands such as Simple and Garnier, but they're still very affordable! The entire Oriflame range is available online here and is available worldwide.

I do realise that there is more to a skincare regime than moisturisers, and fear not! I have a stash of cleansers and toners ready, but they're for another post, another day because it's getting late! And we all know that a proper night's sleep is a good place to start for a healthy complexion!

Eleanor x

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