Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Glossybox May 2012

Hello! So I am a new subscriber to Glossybox and their May 2012 box is the first that I have received, and it just so happened to be their 1st anniversary box! I have been watching Glossybox youtube videos and reading Glossybox blog posts for quite some time now, and every time I saw what people got in their boxes I would wish that I had subscribed and that I had CID lipsticks and Burberry minatures in a pretty little box to try out! So, at the beginning of May I decided that enough was enough and that I had to subscribe!

This month's box was the Glossybox 1st birthday box, as I have already said, so I had high hopes that I might receive something similar to their first ever box (I did have my heart set on the full size nars illuminator, alas I set my sights too high). The box itself was pale pink with the black Glossybox logo on the lid. The box opens like a shoebox and you lift the lid fully off the top, it is not attached to the rest of the box.


Noble Isle Summer Rising Bath & Shower Gel Sample - I'll be honest, I wasn't particularly over the moon to see a shower gel sample in my first ever box, I'm quite satisfied with normal, non-fancy shower gels by Source or even the Body Shop. Spending lots of money on shower gel is not a priority for me, because I think there are lots of lovely smelling ones that do the job for a lot cheaper! I haven't tried this one out yet, so I may eat my words if it leaves my skin radiant and glowing and smelling lovely all day, I do have to say that this does smell quite nice, rather a manly smell I seem to think, but nice nonetheless!

Lolita Lempicka L'Eau en Blanc Sample - I always like trying new perfumes, and the Lolita ones were not something that I had been introduced to before, so I thought it was nice that we were given samples of 2 different perfumes to try out! This one, I have to say, was not my cup of tea at all. It was far too heavy and floral, 2 things I hate in a perfume! Sorry Lolita L'Eau en Blanc, I am not a fan and you gave me a migraine! This is definitely a mature woman's scent in my opinion.

Lolita Lempicka Eau de Parfum Sample - After the catastrophic headache fiasco from the Lolita Lempicka L'Eau en Blanc sample (which I will not be spraying again for the sake of my own health) it is safe to say that I was more than dubious to try the other sample out. But in the true spirit of beauty boxes and trying new products, I gave it a little spritz. I was pleasantly surprised, as I held the card warily at arms length, that this was nowhere near as heavy as the other perfume, and was actually quite sweet and light! I even found myself rubbing some into my wrist! This perfume is still a floral one, but worry not! I usually wrinkle my nose in disgust in the direction of floral scents, but this is an unusual one, and is not too obviously floral. I actually quite like this fragrance and it grows on my every time I sniff my arm (aren't I charming?) It's a lovely light, summery fragrance, probably more suited to a young lady, but I think any age would be able to get away with this one!

Weleda Face Cream Sample - I have to say, I know that a lot of people have been happy to see this appearing in their Glossyboxes, I wasn't too excited. It isn't that I have any particular reservations about this product, or that I have anything against it, I actually know nothing about it! But as I have just embarked upon my new skincare regime and I'm trying to get my skin settled into it, I don't really want to up-tip the apple cart by trying new products! I will get around to trying this at some point though, and in the mean time I will be reading up on the hype!

Collection Lasting Colour Gel Eyeliner - Now this is a product I was excited to see! Collection (formerly known as Collection 2000) is available from both Boots and Superdrug and is super affordable! It's nice to see products appearing in beauty boxes that you can afford to repurchase after sampling, rather than having a heart attack over the price tag and either making yourself bankrupt because it's so good that you must have it, or staring longingly through the window at it whilst wiping away a tear, knowing your life will never be the same again without it... (A little dramatic, I know, but that's what it's like for beauty junkies!! Honest!!) So yes, this is Collection's gel eyeliner and I received mine in brown, I think it's refreshing that more affordable brands are now marketing products such as gel eyeliner, traditionally reserved for the more expensive brands, and especially in colours other than black! I must admit that the brush that comes with this, although a nice idea, is not great quality, and I won't be using it as I find that it's a little to thick/wide/big/not precise enough for eyeliner (sorreee!) but I'd definitely use this with an eyeliner brush. The colour is quite a nice rich, reddish-brown and I'm looking forward to experimenting with this and it will be prefect to wear for uni, because gel liners are usually very long lasting and durable!

HD Brows Brow Beater - This was the product that I was most excited to see in my box, after September 2011's HD Brows kit was raved about so much I was very pleased to get the chance to try out another product from their range! This is a brow gel that sets the brows in place, keeping them tidy, and the description says that it conditions them at the same time, which can't be a bad thing! I have used this a couple of times and mine is a clear gel, and to be honest it just works the same as any other brow gel as far as I've noticed. I would be interested to see if this product was available in some other colours as well as just clear, and I would definitely buy them if it was! At £3.90 for a full size product this is far cheaper than the Body Shop's brow gel, and doesn't carry the same chemically smell. When I run out, I think a repurchase may be in order!

Because this month was Glossybox's 1st birthday, we were sent a black compact mirror with the Glossybox logo on the front, and a hot pink birthday balloon, which was a nice touch! Overall I was quite pleased with the contents of this box, I love that I received products I hadn't been aware of before, and was introduced to new brands, and that I like quite a few of them and would repurchase some, which is exactly what beauty boxes are all about!

Eleanor x

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