Friday, 1 June 2012

Monthly Favourites: May 2012

Hello! So I thought I'd do my first post about my favourite things of the month! I'm going to keep these posts wide open and not restrict them to any particular genre or area, and just write about my favourite things - whatever they may be - from the month!

So my first favourite of this month is a bit of a strange one, definitely not the usual sort of thing to be featured in this sort of post.. It's a juicer! Yes that's right, a juicer. Strange I know, but I have started using a juicer this month and I love it! I have realised that I have a great deal to say about juicers, so I will save all that for a separate post, but I'm including the juicer in my monthly favourites because I have been really enjoying using it and drinking my freshly made juices this month!
My second favourite for this month, is Marie Claire magazine! This month Marie Claire were offering body shop cheek and lip tints as a free gift with the magazine in 2 different shades, as if that wasn't enticing enough, the cover was filled with a huge glossy picture of Angelina Jolie, who was looking absolutely radiant! She looks so beautiful - I'm going to work on recreating her cover look for a blog post - and the page of black and white photos of her are stunning, and really fun! I have really enjoyed my copy of Marie Claire this month and I have actually now subscribed! So I'm eagerly awaiting the next issue!
The next thing I want to mention is Ikea, I have been in great need of some storage solution for my room, seeing as it hasn't been the tidiest recently! So where else to go than Ikea?! All I'll say for now is that I've found a great solution, and more to come in another post! But for that reason, Ikea is one of my favourite things this month, I've paid them 2 visits, done a reasonable amount of D.I.Y and bought some lovely things that go in my room very well, Ikea have a great selection of, well, everything really, and they're currently stocking some lovely items, so I'd recommend getting down and checking it out, especially with the cheap and cheerful prices!
Another of my favourite things this month has been my black maxi skirt from New Look. We've had some lovely hot weather in England for the last week in May, and it's actually felt like summer for once! The only problem is that it crept up so suddenly that I didn't have much time to prepare for wearing shorts! (My legs are so hideously pale that they're actually luminous and reflective in the sunlight, very embarrassing) I'm not a huge fake tan expert, in fact, I usually don't bother with it because it can tend to look dirty or very orange and too dark on my extremely pale skin. So my maxi skirt has been a life saver in this situation and I have been wearing it all the time whilst it's been sunny. It's just a plain black maxi skirt that's quite loose, it's made of a jersey material and is lovely and light and flowy, not only a May favourite but a summer staple if the nice weather sticks around!
My next favourites come under the umbrella of makeup. This month I've been using my Garnier BB cream seeing as it's been sunny and I haven't felt like putting on lots of heavy makeup. This has been nice and light on my face in the warm weather, I've also been using my Benefit Cha Cha Tint along with this, because I feel like tints or stains go well with tinted moisturisers and BB creams. I've also been using my Body Shop Highlighter almost every day, which has been helping me to achieve a summery glow!
My final favourite is a bit of a sad one, I must say, but it's a book that I've really enjoyed reading (and studying) not only through May, but since February. Catullus' complete collection is something I have been fascinated with and I have actually been studying it for a module at uni, but I've absolutely loved it and I'm actually really sad to have finished the module! So I would like to share this little bit of culture and recommend Catullus' poetry collection!

I realise that some of these mentions have been quite brief, but I want to save more information for full posts on some of the things, so that I can go into a bit more detail and talk about them more, I'm going to save these monthly favourite posts for just mentioning things I've been enjoying and possibly talk further about some of the things in more detail in other posts!

Eleanor x

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