Saturday, 16 June 2012

E.L.F Haul!

Hello! So at the beginning of the week one of everybody's favourite cheap makeup site, (otherwise known as e.l.f) sent out emails telling everybody about a deal they were having where you received a free single eyeshadow from the studio line and free shipping when you spent £10. There was a selection of 5 shadow shades that they were offering as a free gift, 3 of which I really liked and wanted! Unfortunately you were unable to choose which shadow you received but I was willing to take my chances on the lucky dip!

So there was quite a few things that I wanted to get, over £30's worth! So I was a little cheeky and split my orders up into several £10 ones so that I received more than 1 eyeshadow... I wanted to up my odds to get the colours I wanted okay?!
I made my order back on Monday and e.l.f are normally super fast with their shipping and your order arrives in a couple of days, but I got an email saying that my orders wouldn't be processed until Thursday because of the volume of orders they had received over the weekend (because of the free gift codes presumably) I personally didn't mind about this because e.l.f have always been so fast in the past, so I can forgive them for the couple of days delay this time, and patience is a virtue etc etc! I have been on the sight and seen people complaining about the delay which I think is ridiculous, the shipping was free so it's unreasonable to be expecting delivery in a matter of days to begin with, and the orders didn't take more than a week to arrive anyway! Some people eh? Pah! My order came in the post this morning, which is perhaps 5 working days after I placed it, which is great service for free shipping if you ask me!

Anyway, rant over, here's what I got:


studio single eyeshadow in oatmeal, mineral eyeshadow primer, mineral eyeliner in ash, hypershine lipgloss in vixen, studio matte lip colour in natural, studio lipbalm SPF15 in peach, studio body shimmer in cosmic coral, studio shimmer sheets in pearl, studio blush in candid coral, studio powder brush and the lash and brow wand.

I ended up getting 4 free shadows! And I was very pleased to receive two of the three that I had my eye on! The free studio single shadows that I got were in wild wheat, buttercream, and I got two in the shade totally teal.

I'll be doing a couple of reviews and talking in more detail about some of the items that I ordered in the near future, but this was just a short(ish) post to show what I bought!
Everything featured here is available on the e.l.f website in the U.K e.l.f is also available worldwide and they ship internationally.
Eleanor x


  1. I still need to try some ELF products... I feel left behind :(

    1. Yes I'd recommend them! They're so cheap that if you don't really like what you buy it doesn't really matter! You could sign up to their email newsletter first because they always send out really good deals! :)
      Eleanor x