Thursday, 21 June 2012

Mini Thrift Haul

Hello! I was in town with Matt a couple of days ago and was passing the little Oxfam Emporium there, so I just went in to have a mooch around and found a couple of great things!! And they were in my size!! (This almost never happens, as the majority of things in thrift/charity/vintage shops tend to be between the sizes 10 and 14).

TOPSHOP mint cotton cropped top £4.99

TOPSHOP burgundy wool blend shorts £5.99

Urban Outfitters tan crocodile style belt £5.99

Everything I got was virtually brand new, they had no stains or signs of wear at all, and the Urban Outfitters belt even had the tag still on it!! I prefer buying from charity shops to vintage shops, because I love that the money you spend will go towards a good cause and help people! Plus, charity shops tend to be quite a bit cheaper than vintage shops!!

What has been your best thrift/vintage find?
Eleanor x


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    1. Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it! I love the shorts too, I think they'll be a great autumn staple! :)
      Eleanor x