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She Said Beauty Box: May 2012

Hello! I'm a little late with this post, as I actually received my box in early May, but I've had to wait until after my exams to write about it! I know the most popular beauty boxes are from Glossybox and Joliebox, but I discovered another, Shesaid beauty box. This one is a little cheaper at only £9 every month, plus the standard £2.95 postage that comes with the beauty box territory.

The Shesaid beauty box arrived at my door in a shocking pick outer box, and inside was a little aqua box, featuring the logo in white on top (very similar to Glossybox) and beautifully decorated corners with a pale turquoise, almost venetian pattern (as you can see below).

I love that the box is different to Glossybox in the way it opens, the lid is hinged to the back wall of the box, and a lightly magnetic flap secures the lid closed to the front wall, rather than the usual shoebox-type design, where the lid is lifted off the box. I think this keeps the Shesaid beauty box a little neater and more compact in terms of packaging, compared to other boxes.
Once opened, the colour scheme continues inside the box, and the products are packed in a shocking pink tissue paper, tied with a shocking pink bow and an aqua sticker to hold it all together. Overall the packaging looks fresh, young and exciting, everything a beauty box should be!

Now onto the contents of the box:

Kim Kardashian Eau De Parfum Sample - I must admit, I wasn't thrilled to see this sitting inside my box, I tend to steer well clear or celebrity perfumes, simply because they usually smell cheap and tacky! Yes, I'll admit it, I was a perfume snob! But Kim Kardashian has changed all that.. I had a little sniff of the sample I received and was pleasantly surprised, it's quite a sweet scent, and I think I detect undertones of coconut and vanilla? I can't say I'm great at describing perfumes, and I've probably got that all wrong, but whatever, it's quite nice! Another thing in Ms. Kardashian's favour: it isn't ridiculously overpriced, at a pretty reasonable £29.50 for 50ml.

Inikia Certified Vegan Lip Whip - This was a full size product, which was lovely and mine came in the shade peach. I love a good peachy shade, whether it's a lipstick, gloss, blush or nail polish, and I always tend to be drawn to peaches over any other colour, so it seemed that the beauty box gods were smiling down on me with this shade choice! However, this really is more of an orange colour in the tube and looks a little scary! I haven't brought myself around to trying it out yet, but I have heard good things about this lip gloss, so watch this space for a review!

Green People SPF15 with Tan Accelerator - I was very excited to see this in my box; a brand I've never heard of? Check. A product not readily available in drugstores? Check. Something I want to try? Check. Reasonable price? Check. This ticks all my boxes and really is what I signed up for beauty boxes for. Green People isn't a well-known brand, and I hadn't heard of them before I received this sample. They aren't available in the UK from drugstores or supermarkets, the only place I'm aware of that you can buy their products is their website. This is a sunscreen with SPF15 and an ingredient that accelerates your tan, which means sun protection from both UVA and UVB rays witht he added bonus of helping you tan! I am the palest of the pale, I do not tan, I just burn, so I am excited to try this and see if it works! I'm not keen on the smell, I must say, it reminds me of sudocrem or anthisan when you first squeeze it out of the tube, but that disappears when you rub it into your skin, so a very minor complaint! If this helps my pasty skin to tan, at £12.95 for 100ml I will definitely be repurchasing! So perhaps there'll be more thoughts on that product at a later date...

Natio Lotus Soap Trio - In the box was one of the full sized soaps from the trio, mine was the scent pink lotus. In the description, it says that the soaps contain the "mind calming and mood enhancing scents used during yoga" which I really like the idea of because I love yoga and pilates and anything like that! Although I haven't used this soap yet, it smells AMAZING!! When I opened my box, the whole box smelled lovely and it was the soap! I'm looking forward to using this, and at £8.50 for 3 150g soaps, I may have to purchase some more, as long as they all smell as good as the one I already have, that is!

The Vintage Cosmetic Co. False Eye Lashes in Kitty - I'm not really a big fan of false lashes, they're a hassle to apply, very fiddly, and they can start hanging of a couple of hours after applying them, making you look like an absolute mess... So I don't tend to bother with them too often! When I look for a false lashes, I want something that will blend naturally into my own lashes to gently boost the volume and length of my lashes, I certainly don't want any circus lashes with bright colours, diamantes, or so long that they're tickling my eyebrows. I really hate anything that looks to obvious or garish on my face and prefer to look as natural as possible. This being said, the Kitty lashes are very long at the outer corner, now there's nothing wrong with a bit more length in the outer corner, as it definitely enhances the eyes, but these are a little too long and unnatural for my liking! And the lashes on the whole just look too unnatural for something that I might want to wear. The packaging of these is very cute and lives up to the brand of "The Vintage Cosmetic Company". I thought it was such a shame that I didn't like the style of these lashes because reviews would suggest that they are really quite good quality, and they do sell other styles on their website and The Connie lashes look much more my cup of tea, so I'm going to order some and see how they are! At only £6 they're a drugstore price, come in really cute packaging and come in a selection of styles, I'd say worth checking out!

Trio of Snowberry Skincare samples - I must admit, this was the sample I was least excited about receiving, as they were only very small in little squeezy tubes (which I'm not a huge fan of anyway) and with me beginning a new skincare routine recently I didn't really want to change anything up suddenly, only to change it back again. The samples I received were the anti-ageing nourishing rich day cream, the anti-ageing intensive renewal face serum, and the bright defence day cream no.2 for combination skin. I'm not interested in trying the first 2, as anything anti-ageing is too heavy for my 19 year old skin! But I have been enticed by the promise of bright skin from the last sample and I will be trying it at some point in the near future. My only problem with the small sachet samples of skincare is that you really don't get enough product to see whether it actually works well with your skin! I like to try skincare out for a couple of weeks before I decide whether I'd repurchase or not, and you can't do that with such a small sample, so it is quite difficult to tell whether it's something you'd be interested in purchasing.

So those are my thoughts on the products I received and the box itself, I really like the Shesaid beauty box and I am looking forward to receiving the June box! Based on this box I would definitely recommend subscribing to the Shesaid beauty box, the sample sizes in the box were generous and the products were exciting!

Eleanor x

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