Monday, 21 May 2012

New Skincare: Continued and a Body Shop Haul

Hello! So yesterday I blogged about my new moisturisers from Oriflame, today's post will be continuing in the theme of skincare and I'm going to talk about some of the other skincare products that I've bought in a bid to get my skin looking it's best!

So firstly I got a couple of different cleansers, all from the body shop (I bought quite a lot of this a couple of weeks ago whilst they had various offers online).

Starting from the back, going forwards:
The Body Shop Aloe Gentle Facial Wash (125ml) - This is a fragrance free facial cleansing wash and comes with a pump applicator attached, which dispenses the product in a sort of froth into your hands. As a cleanser this says that it will remove any makeup, impurities and daily grime. I actually bought this to use as part of my morning skincare routine because I like the idea of using a really gentle cleansing wash in the morning to awaken my skin an prep it for the day, and this is ultra gentle because it's formulated for sensitive skin!
The Body Shop Vitamin E Facial Cleansing Bar (100g) - This looks like a bar of soap, it cleanses and conditions and is for all skin types. Although I haven't had the chance to use this yet, it smells amazing! I think it smells quite naturally sweet, and it looks like it would be a simple cleanser that would be a good way to get back to basics when you're having any skincare problems.
The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Facial Wash (60ml) - This cleanser is for blemished skin, as I said in my last post I have been having trouble with a couple of breakouts recently and have high hopes that this can sort that out! It says that this is an intensive daily cleanser that removes impurities for clearer looking skin. I intend to use this as my evening cleanser after I take off my makeup, and once my breakouts have cleared up I'll probably substitute it with the Vitamin E Cleansing Bar so that I'm not using a product that's too harsh on my skin daily, and just reserve this for when I am suffering from breakouts!

Products from left to right:
The Body Shop Seaweed Deep Cleansing Facial Wash (100ml) - This is from the body shop's seaweed range (obviously) which is formulated for oily skin. It's a gel cleansing wash in a squeezy tube that removes excess oil, impurities and makeup, I have combination skin with my t-zone being oilier some times than others, although I have never had a problem with excessive amounts of oil. I got this to substitute in and out of my morning (or night) skincare routines for day when my skin is a little oilier, just to correct it!
Oriflame Optimals Oxygen Boost Face Mask (75ml) - Face masks are essential in skincare routines for a sort of ultimate weekly/bi-weekly cleanse. This is a detoxifying face mask (in a squeezy tube) which I think is really important to rid your skin of all toxins and give your pores a really good (but gentle) clean, I've heard that Kate Middleton has oxygen facials, and her skin is amazing and always clear, so I thought it might be nice to try an oxygen-type product!
Tea Tree Skin Clearing Lotion (50ml) - I like that this has organic and natural ingredients like lemon and tea tree, this is a lotion in a squeezy tube to be used for clearer looking skin. I feel like tea tree can be quite harsh on skin though, and a little stripping, so this would be another product that I substitute into my skincare regime when I'm suffering with breakouts.

Foreground product:
The Body Shop Seaweed Pore Perfector (15ml) - This is a gel/cream type product with a pump dispenser, and it is to reduce the appearance of pores. I have large pores on my nose, so I'm hoping that this can help to cover that up, so that my foundation doesn't have to work so hard! It is another product from the seaweed range for oily/combination skin, and contains other natural ingredients like cinnamon, and rather than stuffing pores with a silicone and causing breakouts, it should unclog pores and reduce their appearance.

Foreground product:
The Body Shop Tea Tree Blemish Fade Night Lotion (30ml) - Another product from the tea tree range for blemished skin, it has a pump dispenser and claims to "improve the appearance of blemish-damaged skin" so I'm hoping that this will help to fade some breakout scars I have around my nose.

And finally:
The Body Shop Elderflower Unperfumed Eye Gel (15ml) - This is just a cooling, soothing, clear eye gel in a little pot, I have quite bad hereditary dark undereye circles and although this doesnt make any claim to fade that sort of thing, I secretly hope it will!

All of The Body Shop products can be purchased online here, and the Oriflame product here.

So, that's quite a lot of skincare! I have high hopes for all of it, but of course I'm not expecting overnight miracles. I'll do a post in the next couple of days working out a daily/weekly routine to follow including these products to stick to, and hopefully I'll start to see some improvements!

Eleanor x

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