Thursday, 26 July 2012

Glossybox July 2012

Hello! I received this month's Glossybox yesterday and I have to say, this has been the best one I've had so far (it's only the third) I haven't been too impressed by what I have received from glossybox so far, but this box was much better than the previous two (in my opinion) so here's what I got:

HD Brows Eye and Brow Palette - when I opened my bag and saw a HD Brows compact I didn't want to get too excited, just in case it wasn't the coveted brow palette that all my favourite youtubers and bloggers love so much. I have been wanting to try this out since seeing last September's glossybox videos and posts but haven't been able to get hold of it at all, but I opened the one in my glossybox straight away and IT WAS!! I could hardly believe it, and I'm still so excited about it!! I haven't tried it out yet, but there are 4 shades of powder that can be used on the eyelids or brows. I am so glad to have got this in my box, but I can't help thinking that all the people that received one back in September might be a little disappointed to get the same thing again. For me this was a great product to receive but it's not great of glossybox to be sending out duplicate products...

Clynol Salon Exclusive Enrich Colour Shampoo - this shampoo is for coloured hair which I don't actually have! So I'm not all that excited about this and will probably end up giving it to my mum to try out. It smells so nice, so I might have a look at the rest of their range to see if there is anything I might be more interested in. I am a little disappointed to have received this just because it isn't really much use to me, but it's a brand I've never heard of before and it's always nice to discover new brands!

Monu Spa Golden Glow - this is a bronzing moisturiser that is supposed to develop a natural looking tan in 3-5 hours!! This sounds great!! I can't wait to try this out, it says that it can be used on the body and face but I'm not sure whether it might be too heavy for the skin on my face? We'll have to see. I've never heard of this brand before so I'm really happy to have been sent this, it's looking like a potentially very good new discovery!

Jelly Pong Pong Lip Frosting - such a cute little product, mine came in the flavour irish cream pavlova and it smells wonderful! It does say that this is a multi functional product, but I'll probably stick to using this on my lips, a lovely looking item that I'm very pleased to have received!

Elizabeth Arden Visible Difference Skin Balancing Lotion SPF15 - I must admit, this isn't something that I'm particularly excited about, simply because I'm quite happy with the moisturiser that I'm using at the moment but it's nice to see a more expensive, well known brand in the box!

Elizabeth Arden Visible Difference Skin Balancing samples - ooh a bonus sample! this was 3 sachet samples from the visible difference skin balancing range from Elizabeth Arden, including the exfoliating cleanser, optimising skin serum and lotion SPF15. A nice little set of products from the range, I'm especially looking forward to trying the serum because I've never tried a serum before!

Overall I'm more pleased with this glossybox than I have been with the last two, there have been a few products that I'm really excited about in this box, and I think glossybox are clawing their way back. They've still got a way to go before I'm singing their praises (maybe I expect too much from them? But last year's boxes were so good!)

What do you think of this month's glossybox? What is your favourite product?
Eleanor x


  1. Heyy I really enjoy reading your blog and just wanted to let you know that I nomitated your blog for the Liebster award. There's a link to my blog with the rules and an in depth explanation. Thank you, Claire xo.

    1. :o!! thank you so much!! That;s so lovely of you!!! Thank you very much, I'm so pleased you like my blog :) eek!!
      Eleanor x