Monday, 23 July 2012

The past week

Hello! More of an updatey sort of post today, I've got some more interesting ones lined up for the near future! But I haven't had a great deal of time to blog the past week because I've been working soo much, and Matt and I have been trying to make the most of my days off (they're pretty few and far between at the moment)
So last weekend we drove up to Formby where the weather was supposed to be nicer than everywhere else in the North-West! Admittedly it wasn't exactly scorching, but it was nice to just spend some time at the beach, and Formby's particularly nice (maybe because it's a National Trust beach?) with the weathered, sea beaten wooden fences and soft, pebble and sharp-shell free sand. There's also a nice little walk though a wooded area next to the beach which we had a little wander around before we left in the late afternoon/tea time when the weather was quite "balmy" and it was really lovely!

I had another day off yesterday which was great because it's been so sunny and warm! We went on a little walk in the morning around the area that Matt lives and enjoyed our first ever yogberries! I can't believe I haven't had one before, they're delicious!!! Yogberries is a frozen yoghurt shop where you can buy pots of frozen yoghurt (either natural yoghurt or strawberry or chocolate flavour) and add toppings of your choice. There were quite a few different toppings like chopped strawberries, mango, pineapple, kiwi, pomegranate, raspberries, white chocolate buttons, oreos, milk chocolate buttons, marshmallows, and even gummy bears and reese's peanut butter cups! We went for  medium strawberry flavour yoghurt with reeses peanut butter cups and gummy bears, it was actually quite big and there was plenty for the two of us to share and the amount of toppings put on was very generous, I must say! The lovely man who served us also explained that all three flavours of frozen yoghurt were fat free and sugar free, which made us feel much less guilty about the gummy bears! I didn't actually take a picture of our frozen yoghurt, I guess that's an excuse to go back and get some more....

We then went back to Matt's house and spent the afternoon next to the bbq and picking raspberries off a bush in his garden (which tasted very nice!) and then went to a park in the evening to play tennis for a while. Not the most adventurous of days off, but it's been nice to relax and enjoy some sunshine and warmth, not something we experience too often here in the North of England!

I don't plan on doing many of these, it's probably a little bit boring just seeing what I've been getting up to, but this is more of an explanation as to why I haven't blogged this week, but I'll be back posting regularly from now on!
Eleanor x


  1. I haven't been to the beach for so, so long, which means I'm ridiculously jealous of you right now. Hope you get more days off soon (: xx

    1. haha thank you! I hope that I do too! I hadn't been to the beach in so long either, I think I neglect British beaches bit, I sort of almost forget they're there most of the time because I live more inland, but it was a nice day out, Formby is really nice, I'd recommend it if you live nearby! :)
      Eleanor x