Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Love of the Day: Blog Post #1

Hello! So today I've decided to join in with Louise's (from Sprinkle of Glitter) love of the day! Tuesdays are blog post days where you blog about a blog post that you have read and enjoyed, or been inspired by, or learned from etc.
So my blog post love of the day is from a blog I have only recently discovered; The Wallflower. I actually just read the post this morning and commented on it whilst I was having a trawl through a couple of blogs, and the pictures caught my attention straight away, they were so beautiful, and sort of typically cool American countryside in the summer type pictures that I love so much with a pretty girl stood in long grass with a large lake type area nearby. The scenery looks gorgeous and in the post Alexandra explains that it's a series of old mining pits in Minnesota that she went to. She also said that she went snorkeling in the lake which instantly made me so jealous because the weather in England doesn't permit any activities of that sort, and it made me long for a hot American summer. But this has also inspired me to look for a similar sort of place near where I live, perhaps I'll go exploring in the lake district when I next get the chance, although I won't hold my breath looking for snorkeling spot (see what I did there? lolgeddit?!). A lovely blog post indeed, even if you just want to look at the pictures. :)
Here is Louise's original post, and here is Alexandra's post.

And finally on an unrelated note, I'd just like to say happy birthday to my little sister, who has turned 14 today! Aww, she's growing up fast! Happy Birthday Rachie! <3

Do you have any pretty places like lake orebegone near you?
Eleanor x


  1. oh my gosh, you are SO gosh darn sweet! thank you so much, for appreciating what i have to write and really even reading my blog :)
    to reply to your comment: this post is totally fine! ha ha, i guess when i was talking about plagiarizing, there are bloggers out there who are literally taking my pictures and using my same exact words. it's frustrating! but you are so sweet, thank you again more than anything :)


    1. Aww you're welcome, I really really love your blog :) I don't understand why people would do that, the whole point of a blog is to share your own opinions and experiences, they're personal spaces on the internet, so it's stupid and annoying that they're stealing your material :/ I hope it stops not that you've highlighted it in a post!
      Eleanor x